We live in a society where laws are vital to protect what we have, what we create, and sometimes how we are able to live our lives…Below are some resources I have found helpful in staying abreast of the legal jockeying that surrounds Same-Sex Marriage right now.

Same Sex Marriage Equality is gaining steam and there are changes happening regularly, I tend to go to Prop 8 Trial Tracker for the latest and the greatest http://www.prop8trialtracker.com/.

Equally Wed has put together a great resource about legal issues to consider and prepare for, here is a link to check it out http://equallywed.com/gay-wedding-planning/legal-advice-for-gays-lesbians.html

We will be working through the quirks of getting legally married in Iowa, as non-residents.  We will share our experience making it “legal”.  We also will be legally changing our last names, writing wills, and obtaining powers of attorney.  These steps may not be right for everyone, for us we find them to be an integral part of our marriage because they help to protect what we have built together.  We have already become Domesticated in the eyes of the State of California…


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