Hair Revisited


Hello Hive!  Remember how we talked about the Hairy Situations?  Well, I owe you a follow up!

At 1.5 weeks I lost all hope that using only baking soda and vinegar was really going to help my hairs.  So I tweaked the program.  Every other day I am using Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-One on my scalp only and conditioning the whole head.

Example of hair on a wash day

On the other days I am using an apple cider vinegar rinse with 5 drops each of tea tree and rosemary oil for the scalp.

Hair on a Vinegar Rinse Day, hard to tell since I ponied up for work (*the pony looks less limp than it has in years... sad but true)

All images are personal

So far my hair is infinitely less greasy, it has more body, and is a bit easier to work with.  Sadly, my scalp hasn’t gotten happy just yet, so I am working on that.  I have been using this method with some pretty sweaty workouts and so far I haven’t had any grease ball days.

I am still working on perfecting the method so I will be stretching the soap days to once every 3 days and trying to find more solutions for the scalp.

Are you trying out new grooming techniques before the wedding?  Are you perfecting your self portraits like me?


Mixed Blessings


Exactly 1 week after I learned that I would be Miss Scone, I lost my job.  It wasn’t necessarily a pretty losing of the job, and Sweetie Scone and I were not excited for what it would mean financially… But some of the best changes have come out of it.

When I told Sweetie Scone that I lost my job she was 100% supportive and encouraged me to really think about my career path, what would make me happy, and what made sense.  I have been working so long the AARP and Social Security think I am nearing retirement… For me working is tied very closely to my personal happiness, the few weeks in my life I have spent not working, I have generally been a hot mess.  Sweetie Scone’s support and encouragement put everything in a different light.

My job loss ended up being the biggest blessing, as a couple we have reconnected, I was able to refocus my career path, and find happiness.  One of my new favorite memories… my mom was in town when everything went down with the old job, she got a little bleary eyed when she heard Sweetie Scone’s reaction.  My response was “that is exactly why I am marrying her”.  My mom could not have been happier, which is funny considering how nerve wracking unemployment is.

When we got engaged we didn’t think that the traditional line “for richer or poorer” would come into play before the nuptials, ironically I am pretty happy they did… If I (or my parents) ever had a doubt  that we would be able to make it when times were tough those concerns have been fully put to rest.  We are a team and we have been able to support each other when the outlook was a little scary.

Did you hit any unexpected bumps in the road that helped you re-prioritize and reconnect?

Weekends are for relaxing


Ha!  In my dreams, weekends do not involve long lists of chores and wedding to do lists… But until September or so…

Last weekend marked exactly 3 months until our wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously unbelievable.  On weekends one of my favorite things to do is make a delicious breakfast and sit down at the table to enjoy a few minutes with my beloved.  It always seems to make the chores a little less blah.  It is also such a nice way to slow down and reconnect with Sweetie Scone.

Over the weekend we were feeling kind of pancakey.  So I hopped on the handy Pinterest site and searched for a new recipe (still trying to find the perfect go to recipes for pancakes).  What I found was easy, quick, and straight up wonderful, would you like to see?

Images are personal/Recipe by way of Pinterest via Rockstar Diaries

I figure it’s not nice to tease you with a picture and not share the recipe, so here it is!  (note this recipe is for 1 pie plate, they are super filling)

2 eggs
1/2 cup milk (** minus 1/2 teaspoon)
 ** 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup flour
dash of salt
dash of cinnamon
1 tablespoon butter
preheat oven to 425 degrees.
whisk together the eggs, milk, flour, salt and cinnamon in a bowl.
while the oven is preheating, melt the butter in a pie pan or 9 inch square pan.
pour the batter into the hot melted buttered pan.
bake 10-12 minutes (or until the pancake is firm and has puffed around the edges).
the pancake will shrink down a bit after coming out of the oven (that’s ok.) serve right away with lemon juice, powdered sugar, maple syrup, or fruit.
** this is a modification I made, the original recipe does not have vanilla, I replaced 1/2 teaspoon of milk/fluid with vanilla to add a little oomph
**** I used non-fat milk and they turned out great, all of the other German Pancake recipes I found called for whole milk, which I am sure is also fantastic, but it’s not in our house or our diet…
Even if the only relaxing thing we do together is have a nice breakfast, it really makes the weekend feel like a relaxing break from work.  Do you have any weekend traditions that help you reconnect?

Hairy Situations


This is a story about my hair…

As long as I can remember I have had relatively greasy hair.  My parents raised me with the “squeaky clean” philosophy and I have to admit when my hair wasn’t squeaky it didn’t look so fresh and so clean.  The head of hair I was given is fine but there is a fair amount of it (supposedly a lot of it because stylists always seem a little shocked at the quantity after they give it a once over).  It is not the fastest growing hair on earth, but it has always been healthy as a horse.  Oooh, I have been shampooing my hair daily since I was at least 6.

For the last 3 years I have been growing my hairs out because I, 100%, want it up for the wedding.  It can’t hold many styles for extended periods of time so I knew immediately that it would be headed up up up…  It has successfully grown grown grown (bringing along my first gray hair with it…)

Up until I was 28 ish I didn’t condition, EVER, never saw the need, my stylists always said my hair was like virgin hair and I could easily go 6 months without trimming my hair.  And then a switch was flipped and my hair needed conditioning everyday.  It would still get uber greasy if it wasn’t washed daily bit it had to have the moisture too… A few years before that I noticed something else, an elephant in the room, flaky scalp/dandruff/yuck…

Now I have tried just about everything that is available over the counter for the scalp, never really had any luck.  I was always envious of my sisters and friends that could not wash their hair daily but still have it be totally rocking.  Gah, I have dreamt of the day I could gladly skip washing my hair…

So 2 months ago I decided to try and reduce the number of shampoos, alternating every other day.  Didn’t really notice anything except an oil slick North of my ears on non-wash days…

Then a week or so ago I ran across something I have never heard of… Going to no poo all together.

Now I grew up in the land of hippies (seriously, if you grow up between Eugene and Humboldt County it just comes with the territory). Growing up in that environment it is second nature to consider more natural body/hair care options, so I am definitely open.  But I just had never heard of this method.

Some people seem to jump right to not washing your hair for as long as you can stand, only rinsing with water, then using a baking soda/water rinse and an apple cider vinegar rinse.

Some people ween themselves off washing their hair with shampoo by doing things in stages.  For the first 2 – 8 weeks rinsing hair daily or every other day with a baking soda rinse and an apple cider rinse.  Then transitioning to rinsing with water as long as can been handled before incorporating another baking soda rinse/apple cider rinse cycle.

And some people kick the baking soda rinse/apple cider rinse or something all together different.  An egg wash, tea tree/lavender/rosemary rinses; citrus rinses…  Or some other recipe.

At some point your scalp is supposed to adjust (gladly) to the change and it’s condition will start improving.

I put on my brave hat and decided to give it a whirl, it is supposed to help their hairs stay in my head, keep the scalp from flaking off, and make my hair pretty (ie shiny and with some volume)…  I am glad to report I have made it a week on the baking soda/apple cider rinses and there has only been 1 day where I just looked dirty.  My hair doesn’t seem to be falling out at the same rapid pace, but the scalp is still not super excited about the change but it is no worse than when I was poo-ing everyday.

I am seriously considering trying one of the alternative wash/rinse recipes… if only I could find a few good ones to try.

I tracked down some information on No Poo Livejournal, Not So Random Stuff, and Nature Moms.  That you might find helpful…

Tell me hive, would you consider going poo-less?  Have you gone poo-less?  Do you have a super fantastic method or recipe?  Any suggestions/ideas?

Engagement Pics Revealed


On a beautiful Fall Sunday, we kicked off the day with getting our hair, makeup, and nails done.  We headed off to have a few beers, meet some vendors, and find somewhere to take pictures…

And then we did a whirlwind picture taking session:

Photo by BlueRue Studio/The Scones

Photo by BlueRue Studio/The Scones

Photo by BlueRue Studio/The Scones

Photo by BlueRue Studio/The Scones

Photo by BlueRue Studio/The Scones

Let me get real, our photographer took great photos of us… but when we received the pictures I cried.  It wasn’t my proudest moment but I was fighting with a sewing machine (that I still haven’t fixed) and the pictures reminded me of a couple of things.  I wasn’t very happy with my body and I really didn’t (don’t) want to have the same body image issues at our wedding. The girl that did my hair had absolutely no idea how to work with fine hair which made some of the photos look like I was a grease ball (and she charged me an extra $30 because the only way she knew how to give volume to hair without curls, lucky me I still got to pull my own hair up in a bar bathroom to save another $20 for putting A/one/singular bobby pin in my hair)…

Photo by BlueRue Studio/The Scones

* best of the bad hair, me there on the left (the only one of the bad hair pictures that will hit the internets)

Sweetie Scone is very good at helping me calm down.  In the end I realized that a) I did/do like the pictures, b) the girl would never touch my hair again, and c) she loves me just as I am…

Photo by BlueRue Studio/The Scones

Did anyone else have an odd reaction to their engagement photos?  Did you cry?  Did you love them in the end anyway?



Our photography package includes engagement pictures.  Our photographer was really trying to make it to California for our e-pics but our schedules didn’t line up.  With reality setting in, we realized that we needed to squeeze e-pics into our last Kansas City planning trip.

Thus the hunt for e-pic inspiration began…

Thankfully, one of my friends from college had posted some of her super fabulous engagement pictures on Facebook, between her pictures and some inspiration from our photographer I was starting to get excited about engagement pics.

Photo by Emily Delamater/Lauren & Katy/posted with permission

Photo by Emily Delamater/Lauren & Katy/posted with permission

Photo by Emily Delamater/Lauren & Katy/posted with permission

Photo by Emily Delamater/Lauren & Katy/posted with permission

Photo by Emily Delamater/Lauren & Katy/posted with permission

Photo by Emily Delamater/Lauren & Katy/posted with permission

Photo by Emily Delamater/Lauren & Katy/posted with permission

Photo by BlueRue Studio/Aja & Tony/posted with permission

Photo by BlueRue Studio/Biz & Colten/posted with permission

And with that we had some inspiration… How long did you hunt for e-pic inspiration?

Ideas are everywhere


We find inspiration in the most random places.  One of the best ones happened at our FAVORITE breakfast place (did I yell that?).  The Fremont Diner.  Seriously on nice days we bring the pup and we wait anxiously for an outdoor table (on cold days we bundle up and happily waltz over to an outdoor table) and some mmmmlicious grub (breakfast or lunch only)… If you are in the Napa/Sonoma area pull over when you see this sign, you won’t be disappointed…

Image via Yelp/photo added by Jana S.

Ok, but this isn’t really about our favorite place for breakfast, this is about water jugs… yup you read that right…

Here is the self serve water station at the Fremont Diner:

Image via Yelp/photo added by Justine L.

The first few times we went, someone else was responsible for grabbing waters, and then and drank.the.water.  I pretty much ran back to the table saying omg omg omg we need some of those!  The water comes out of this antique cooler perfectly cold and refreshing.  Sweetie Scone rolled her eyes (nicely of course) and said something to the effect of “there’s no stopping you”.  She knew there was no going back.

Our ceremony is an outdoor afternoon ceremony on a Midwestern July day… refreshment will be high on the priority of our guests (and probably for us too).  Containers that gladly hold cold refreshments, happily dispense said refreshments at the push of a button, take you back to yesteryear, and are cute cannot be refused.

I promptly went home and searched eBay and Etsy for antique, metal, water coolers/jugs.  I started seeing prices that made me a little sad, $70-$100 plus shipping… but there were also several eBay auctions so I added those jugs to the watchlist and I watched and watched.  In a matter of days I snagged 3 fantastic metal water coolers for under $90 buck-a-roos all together!!!!!!!

They are currently hiding in the rafters waiting for a solid scrub down and then their grand appearance at the ceremony!  These jugs make me smile.

Oh, and secretly I am hoping that someone holds a wedding or freaking awesome party at the Fremont Diner… seriously, they aren’t open for dinner it would be the perfect outdoor party (aaaaah, maybe by my 40th birthday it will happen 😉 )

Have you stumbled on any inspiration?  Did you drink.the.water?  Anyone else love a good breakfast place, mmmmm?

Good ol’ reality


Sunday night Sweetie Scone and I were chatting over dinner about our timeline and the wedding projects that needed to get done…

I was feeling like we had ample time to leisurely finish off our DIY projects leaving us with only a few details to wrap up when we got in town for the wedding… Ummmm, I had a come to Jesus moment.  Sweetie Scone very nicely reminded me that we needed to get on it like it was our job because we are approaching the 4 month mark and soon after that the 100 day mark.  Those two markers might make me pee my pants.

Currently we have:

  • half finished hangy things (super technical term)
  • half finished seating cards (the last step will be done in Kansas City)
  • poster boards that need painting
  • invitations that need to be designed and mailed in the next few weeks!!!!!!!! (secretly freaking out on this one)
  • a backdrop that needs to be made
  • a dry run on the paper flowers we are going to construct in KC
  • making the bases for the paper flowers
  • putting together our out of town bags
  • wrapping up kids entertainment fun
  • designing and assembling our programs
  • and rounding a whole bunch more corners
  • decide how to guest book and then pull it together

Would you like to see some of the progress?

(personal photo – a bolt of muslin all ready to be ripped up)

(personal photo – purple strips for the hangy downies)

(personal photo – corners corners everywhere!)

(personal photo – look I even had a helper)

(personal photo – rounded pocket folders ready for invitations)

I will of course give you a blow by blow of the particular projects when they are wrapped up 😉  We will be trying to wrap up 2 projects per week to get back on track.  This week: invitations and hangy downies are in order!

What half finished projects are weighing on your mind?

One foot, two foot


Green foot, purple foot!

A good year and a half ago I was browsing through a blog and I saw something that I couldn’t resist…seriously I just about lost my shiz…

Image via Ruffled Blog/Photo by Brent Van Auken/ Baily & Alexandria’s Wedding

I knew in an instant THOSE WOULD BE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously, within hours I had shared them with everyone that was anyone (including the girls in the office), everyone agreed.  They had to be mine… With much determination I hunted through,,,… and I was starting to lose hope, there was maybe a pair or left out there but they were in much much smaller sizes.  So I turned to my last resort, Amazon of course.  Lo and behold I got the absolute last pair that had any chance of fitting (a 9.5) and I hoped and prayed that I would get lucky.  They were supposed to arrive the week of Thanksgiving so I had them sent to my parents house.

Darby was spending some “quality” time with Grandma and Grandpa.  I wasn’t surprised to see a pic of my fluffy boy, but I could not help but laugh at this gem as I was dashing between work and school…

(photo thanks to Daddio Scone)

(the shoes are Poetic Licence Spring Blooms in Basil, discontinued in 2010)

I was not the first to try on my shoes and I had to wait a couple of days to follow in my pup’s foot steps… I am happy to report that the shoe in fact fit like a glove!!!!!!!!!!!  Best part, my beauties were less than $40 buckaroos because they were on clearance, music to my ears!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I am not the only bride stepping out would you like to see Sweetie Scone’s inspiration?

Purple happens to be Sweetie Scone’s favorite color so I was on the lookout for some inspiration…  One day as I was browsing through Weddingbee I found THE.BEST.INSPIRATION!!!!  Normally, when I show Sweetie Scone something on a blog she says “mmmhmmm”, she does not pay attention.  But when I showed her Mrs. Cheeseburger’s post she was enamored!

Image via Weddingbee/Photo by Jessica Ames/ Mrs. Cheeseburger

It was thanks to Mrs. Cheeseburger that I learned about Christian Louboutin (I claim no mastery of fashion)… I researched and researched but I could not find these beauties (or a replica) anywhere… If we had found an original Christian Louboutin shoe it would not have been in the budget.  After admitting defeat we shifted gears and looked for something similar.  Without further ado I would like to introduce you to Sweetie Scone’s Shoes:

 Image via Endless, A. Marinelli Women’s Elaborate Open-Toe Pump 

Neither of us anticipated finding our shoe inspiration through blogs and I positively did not expect to get my shoe inspiration!  How did you find your shoes?  Any lucky finds?  Does your dog try on shoes too?

Hunting for a location


We don’t really need anywhere to actually have the ceremony right?  For more than a year we had a reception venue but not a ceremony site… A perplexing issue.  Here is a story of our adventure…

We were on a hunt for an outdoor ceremony location that is relatively easy for elderly people to access, close to our reception venue, and true to my sentimental ways had some meaning…

When we drove up to Boulevard we noticed a great grassy knoll behind their facility, we figured it would be a great solution (added bonus it faced “my last name” street).  We asked and pleaded a little but it is not an area available to use, rent, or otherwise get hitched on… I was bummed.

So we moved onto the parks:

* Roanoke Park: It would need some work but definitely a contender.  The community center could serve as the rain plan…

Personal Photo of Roanoke Park

 * Simpson House: My future sister in law had her rehearsal dinner here and we loved the space.  The outdoor space could definitely work, but in the event of rain the inside wouldn’t work out so swell, we had a hard time justifying the higher cost for the outside space alone…

* Harris Kearney House: We considered contacting the Westport Historical Society to use the outdoor space at the Harris Kearney House, the porches are pretty awesome, they have a circular brick patio (ceremony in the round anyone?)… but it didn’t feel quite right

Image via Westport Historical Society 

* Alexander Majors House: We considered it for a hot minute but realized how much time it would add on for transportation so we nixed it…

 * Loose Park: We were coming to the conclusion that Loose Park might be a solid option.  Until we saw the only 2 wedding locations within the park.  They are great for many people, but we were wanting something out in the grass under trees.  Somewhere we could have a ceremony at least in the half-round (if not fully in the round)… A spot kind of like this:

Photo by Sarah Dickerson/Stephanie & Adam’s Wedding

Heads up KC peeps, the city does not let you rent out any grass area within Loose Park.  If you want to have a wedding you can have it in the Rose Garden or by the Pond.

We left Loose Park at a total loss, with not much time left to nail down a spot in person we seriously thought about having the ceremony at our venue, which would work but was not ideal…

We still had to track down somewhere to take engagement pictures (more on that soon) so we headed to “my last name” Park to see if we could take pics there and for good measure to see if it would work for the ceremony.

* “my last name” Park: has a great playground, but the grassy area would take a lot of work to prettify (the grass slopes down to the baseball diamond)… and it is a pretty steep slope down (although it doesn’t look like it in this pic).  So it was a no go…

Personal Photo of “my last name” Park

We drove down the street and I saw something on the side of the road near the Tony Aguirre Center…

Personal Image

Personal Image

Aerial View via Mapquest

We found our ceremony site driving down the road!  It is the Westside Pequeno Miramide.  This space is part of the Riverfront Heritage Trail (heritage = sentimental to a fault for me, oh and it is just down the street from “my last name” Park).  There is a little pyramid big enough for us to stand on with our celebrant, amphitheater seating for about half of our guests (we will bring in additional seating), it is really close to the sidewalk for elderly guests, there is ample parking should the need arise, it is less than a mile from our venue, and we can have our ceremony almost in the round 😀

It took a little work convincing Kansas City Parks that it was indeed on their property, that we would need a permit, and to pay them money.  After that was sorted we filled out the paperwork and mailed in the money!  We have somewhere to get hitched!!!!

How was your ceremony site search?