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Preparing for the Second Summer Tri-Fecta: All Dressed in White


Getting ready to wear white! That was high on the last minute preparations… sounds funny right? Part of our reunion traditions are to celebrate and honor the women’s suffrage movement, we do so by wearing white in our “Laurel Parade”. This doesn’t necessarily relate to anything wedding, except I know many people are on the hunt for white outfits for bridal showers or rehearsal so I figured I would share my whirlwind white shopping adventures.

It is hard to find a white outfit that doesn’t make me look and feel like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, if you struggle with the same affliction I hope this is helpful.

The first dress I tried was this gem from Target, I made the fatal error of not trying on the dress in the store. When I got it home and tried it on I laughed and decided to immediately return it.

Image via Target

This prompted a whirlwind 30 minute, 2 store shopping trip between Jones New York and Ann Taylor Loft. Upon entering both stores I literally picked up every white dress/pants/skirts/blouses that were even remotely interesting (i.e. not a white trash bag), in multiple sizes. I proceeded directly to the dressing room. Here are the results from Jones New York:

White Dress 1

White Dress 2

They were definitely better than the dress from Target, but I was having a really hard time dropping $75-$100 on a dress I might wear once that I wasn’t totally in love with… so I headed to Ann Taylor Loft Outlet to try my luck there.

When I walked into Ann Taylor Loft I picked up every white item of clothing they had, the sales associate got really excited when she was taking me back to a dressing room and asked “Are you getting married?”. Made me realize that this must not be too out of the ordinary…

Here are the two outfits from Ann Taylor Loft that I remembered to take pictures of:

White Dress 3

The Winning Outfit!

I ended up going with separates, I knew that I would wear the blouse again and figured there was a higher probability that I might wear the skirt again as well. Are you on the hunt for a white (non-bridal) dress/outfit? Do you find shopping for a white outfit to be a pain?


The second summer tri-fecta: Reunion


A long long time ago, I agreed to co-plan my 10 year college reunion. A few months back I was thanking my lucky stars that many of the wedding plans were mostly finalized because reunion was requiring more focus and attention… The last month was a challenge, and while I was at reunion I said on multiple occasions “I love our coordinator” or “I am so happy we decided to have a DOC for the wedding!”. There were so many challenges, feeling the challenges at reunion was one thing but Sweetie Scone and I both realized how lucky we were that someone else was going to be there for us when our wedding rolled around, so that we can be present and enjoy our wedding.

Our Class Board right after our Class Meeting

(Image via Mount Holyoke Class of 2002)

Laurel Parade, Personal Image

I am happy to report that I survived reunion! Mixed in with the reconnecting, pulling things together, following state laws (more Massachusetts drinking laws!!!!), and supporting the Alumnae Association there were some pretty major bumps/lessons/celebrations. (It would seem that May was full of lessons for me that I am passing along to you, ignore me if it bores you or laugh at me for learning silly/no-brainer lessons)…

  • Sometimes your body gives you a gut reaction, LISTEN TO IT! When it tells you that people won’t follow through, your body is probably right. Even if someone is volunteering, even if they are amazeballs people in general. If you have a gut feeling along the way, GO WITH YOUR GUT! Work with people that at the core are willing to partner with you (be it friendor/vendor/partner)
  • When someone “says” they are just leaving and will be there soon they are lying… In reality it means “oops” (or some other expletive), dropped the ball (this happened a couple of times, the hardest to cover up was the caterer that showed up 1.5 hours late – thank goodness for having food sources from multiple places and an awesome dinner chair!)
  • Even when things are positively not working out how they were supposed to, find a way to have fun
  • It is ok to ask for help! Better yet, when someone offers to help, accept the blessed help! Thanks to Sweetie Scone I think I learned the lesson, by Saturday night I was totally ok with this one (Thursday, I wasn’t quite there)
  • Major events are always about community, people are there for their own reasons too (for sure), but they are also there because they want to be part of the communal celebration (reunion, graduation, marriage, etc…)
  • Sometimes when you are surrounded by so much awesomeness you get a little bleary (ooops, maybe that is just me)
  • When you lose your keys, driver’s license, debit card, and a ridiculous number of receipts it is ok to announce it… it is even better to allow your better half to poke fun at you in front of 100+ people (these keys also had the ability to unlock the booze for the nights party so it was muy muy importante!)
  • Accept praise, this is incredibly hard for me, it makes me blush… but when people thank you they are thanking you for a reason. As women it is important that we do not minimize our work (oh the women’s college is coming out right about now)
  • Soaking up the awesomeness of old friends does pretty amazing things for the soul
  • Watching my future spouse be redonkulously awesome, helpful, fantastic not only reaffirmed our impending marriage but it truly warmed my soul when my classmates a) mistook her for an alum or b) said she is absolutely awesome and said they knew why I was marrying her
  • If you are having a destination event and flying in it is very important to have some time on location to get everything together (24 hours beforehand is not quite enough – probably applies if you are driving or boating in too)
  • Celebrations are a great time to practice drinking (if you are a light-weight drinker, like me, and you happen to be getting married at a brewery it is even more important)… I had a great “training” session at the party
  • Giving feels pretty amazing, on Sunday morning we had a crazy amount of drinks/beer/wine/brownies/donuts/fruit leftovers…We opened up a pseudo free-store for alums and they just weren’t taking enough… our dorm happened to be right next to where the graduating seniors were lining up (amazeballs Sweetie Scone had a genius idea to hand out goods to seniors as they walked by)… we handed out whatever might be helpful to them on their way to a very sunny and warm graduation ceremony. It made me bleary (gahhhh the happy blearies strike again!)
  • When anyone tells you not to do something (like plan a reunion or do something meaningful) because it is too close to your wedding, DO.NOT.LISTEN… do what is in your heart AND what you and your future spouse agree on. Had I listened to the nay sayers (and there were many), I would not have learned so many important lessons. I would not have gotten to experience a weekend filled with empowerment, togetherness, passion, laughter, tears, anger (there was some of that too), and forgiveness. All of the good outweighed the bad on a scale that is not even measurable.

I walked away from reunion with so much love in my heart; a renewed commitment to my MHC sisters/women/education/ and people at large; a continued desire to do better as a person; and even more appreciation for community. To the Class of ’02, you truly inspiRED me, thank you! To everyone else, I hope these lessons are helpful. Is anyone else planning/coordinating another large event close to your wedding?